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Wise House Environmental Services offers commercial pest control for all food and non-food establishments, such as restaurants, warehouses, medical facilities, and HOA communities. Whether you are trying to keep your residents in the community protected from pests, looking to keep pests away from your clean restaurant, or looking to keep your medical facility free of disease carrying insects, we have you covered.

Call on our expert, compassionate technicians if you are having issues with any creature trespassing on your business, including:

With over 16 years of experience and a team of fully trained and knowledgeable professionals, you can be assured we will identify how pests are entering your property and work tirelessly to eliminate them. Wise House Environmental Services can provide efficient, organic, and safer pest prevention options for you today.

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Unwanted pests on your commercial property are extremely difficult to eliminate. Because commercial establishments are much larger than average sized residencies, there are more hiding spaces for pests to hide and dwell in. Outside of the common areas, they can find their way into areas such as crawlspaces, plumbing, vents, cracks in your foundation, and even in your plumbing. No matter the problem, even if you are experiencing an invasion of many kinds of pests at once, Wise House Environmental Services is here to provide help and support.

Areas we service include:

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