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Bi-Monthly Services for a Pest-Free Home in Lake Worth

Wise House Environmental Services offers safer and more effective pest control services. Our pest management professionals provide a detailed inspection to assess your pest problem. We use a combination of all-natural and low-toxicity products for the interior and exterior of the home, along with sealing entry points and habitat modification to produce the desired results. 

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Wise House Environmental Services has been providing pest, termite, mosquito, and rat control for home and business owners in Boynton Beach for many years. This makes us the most comprehensive pest control company in the Boynton Beach area.

Depending on your needs, our expert s will survey and recommend the best course of action. Our initial service includes indoor applications limited to areas that are inaccessible to children or pets, then an inspection on the exterior of your home. We then implement necessary applications that are safer, all-natural, and most efficient for your home. 

Human & Pet-Friendly Pest Control for Not-So-Friendly Pests

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Solutions for a Pest-Free Home

The warm, humid climate in Florida is attractive for both people and pests. Once pests get inside the house, they can multiply rapidly, and a few pests can become an infestation in a matter of weeks or months. A pest infestation can cause a variety of problems, from contaminating your food to spreading disease and causing property damage. 

Florida is home to many common pests, including:

The favorable weather makes pests troublesome throughout the year. You may want to consider regular pest control service to keep your home pest free. Our bi-monthly maintenance of the exterior, professional inspections/treatments, and interior treatments are effective for pests and keeping them out. 

The other important step for a pest-free home is prevention. Your pest control technician can inspect your property to find the ways pests are gaining access to your house. Sealing up these gaps and holes is important for stopping reinfestation and discouraging pest activity.

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Our pest management professionals have the training and attention to detail to provide the safest and most effective pest control in Boynton Beach and all of Palm Beach County. We treat your home with the care and respect it deserves by wearing shoe covers, masks, and gloves. 

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